Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: New energy vehicle market share reached 31.1% in the first quarter

China News Service, April 18. Tao Qing, spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau, said at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office on the 18th that the production and sales of new energy vehicles in the first quarter were 2.115 million and 2.115 million, respectively. 2.09 million units, a year-on-year increase of 28.2% and 31.8% respectively, and the market share has reached 31.1%.

Xiaomi SU7
Xiaomi SU7

When talking about the green development of my country’s manufacturing industry and next steps, Tao Qing said that green and low-carbon development is the direction of technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world today. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has accelerated the construction of a modern industrial system and achieved positive results in promoting the green development of the manufacturing industry.

In terms of energy resource utilization, product energy efficiency has been significantly improved. The energy efficiency of unit products in my country’s steel, primary aluminum, cement clinker and other industries has been greatly improved, and the energy consumption structure has been continuously optimized. A number of typical application scenarios and cases of industrial green microgrids have been promoted in key industries and fields such as steel, petrochemicals and chemicals.

In terms of product structure, green supply capabilities continue to increase. The proportion of advanced manufacturing continues to increase, and the supply of green equipment and products further strengthens. For example, in the first quarter, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 2.115 million and 2.09 million respectively, a year-on-year increase of 28.2% and 31.8% respectively, and the market share has reached 31.1%.

In terms of green manufacturing, the role of benchmarking continues to emerge. At present, at the national level, a total of 5,095 green factories, 371 green industrial parks, 605 green supply chain management companies, and more than 500 green manufacturing professional service institutions have been cultivated.

In terms of cultivating new driving forces, the layout and development of future industries will be accelerated. In the industrial field, application scenarios such as hydrogen energy and new energy storage are constantly expanding. The first 10,000-ton green hydrogen industrialization demonstration project has been completed and put into operation. The first million-ton hydrogen-based shaft furnace in the steel industry has been ignited and put into operation.

Tao Qing pointed out that in the next step, we will further implement the deployment arrangements of the National New Industrialization Promotion Conference on comprehensively promoting industrial green development, focusing on forging new advantages in green competitiveness in the industry, and creating a number of green manufacturing benchmarks, focusing on three aspects work hard.

First, accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Implement supporting policies such as large-scale equipment renewal and trade-in of consumer goods, guide enterprises, parks, and key industries to comprehensively implement a new round of green and low-carbon technological transformation and upgrading, and accelerate the optimization and adjustment of traditional industrial product structures, energy consumption structures, raw material structures, and process reengineering , enhance industrial competitiveness.

The second is to promote the green, low-carbon and high-starting development of emerging industries. Guide information technology facilities such as data centers and communication base stations to expand the proportion of green energy utilization. For example, we will accelerate the comprehensive utilization of new solid waste such as used power batteries, photovoltaic components, and fan blades. Focusing on the needs of energy revolution and industrial transformation under the “double carbon” goal, we will plan and deploy future industries such as hydrogen energy, energy storage, bio-manufacturing, and carbon capture, utilization and storage.

The third is to cultivate new green integrated industries in the manufacturing industry. We will vigorously promote the deep integration of digitalization and greening, promote the deep integration of modern service industry and green manufacturing, promote the deep integration of green consumer demand and green product supply, cultivate new business forms and give birth to new momentum.

Source: China News Network


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